IMPACT offers a composer the opportunity to reflect on one's creativity, influences, pathways, and responsibility as a living artist in our ever-changing world. Designed for the virtual space, every session shares a composer's essential thoughts directly with you, the audience, in the safety and comfort of your own place.
These commentaries, interwoven with performance videos and other materials, articulate a creator's IMPACT.
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December 2023 Rachel Therrien
Hilliard Greene
November 2023 Noelle Tannen
Molto Ohm
October 2023 SPACE CADE7S
Elizabeth Gartman
September 2023 Declan Sheehy-Moss
Meg Okura
August 2023 Brittany J. Green
Andrew Porter
June 2023 Sugar Vendil
Sebastián Zubieta
May 2023 Sarah Goldfeather
Daniel Blake
April 2023 Yaz Lancaster
Douglas Hedwig

March 2023 Max Giteck Dukyers
February 2023 Theresa Wong
January 2023 Nasim Khorassani
December 2022 Gwen Laster
November 2022 Freddie Bryant
October 2022 Jessie Cox
Dorothy Hindman
September 2022 Earl Maneein
Faye-Ellen Silverman
August 2022 Simon Brown
Alex Shapiro
July 2022 Brian Chase
Whitney George
June 2022 Charles Norman Mason
May 2022 Max Johnson
Judith Shatin

April 2022 Joy Guidry
Richard Carrick
March 2022 Aleks Schürmer
Kalia Vandever
February 2022 Andre Myers
January 2022 Laura Jobin-Acosta
Theodore Wiprud

December 2021 Dalit Warshaw
Eric Nathan
November 2021 Victoria Bond
Gregor Huebner
October 2021 Joe Deninzon
Laura Schwendinger
September 2021 Jeff Scott
Karen Siegel
August 2021 Erin Rogers
Orlando Jacinto Garcia

July 2021 Hannah Selin
Derek Bermel
June 2021 Shirish Korde
Ileana Perez Velazquez
May 2021 Phyllis Chen
Nina C. Young
Mary D. Watkins
April 2021 Laura Kaminsky
Alexis Cuadrado
March 2021 Tamar Muskal
Allison Loggins-Hull 
February 2021 Lukas Ligeti
Frank J. Oteri 
January 2021 Angélica Negrón
December 2020 Bill Banfield
Susie Ibarra