Fashionable Muses

A collaboration between Fashion Institute of Technology & Composers Now

Interdisciplinary Art in Action

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Composers Now join forces for an evening of live performances, visual art projections & poetry in a cabaret setting as part of the 2017 Composers Now Festival.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
7 to 9 pm

John E. Reeves Great Hall at FIT
200 West 28th Street (between 7th & 8th)
Free Admission (reservations suggested)

Tania León, founder and artistic director of Composers Now, will moderate a post-performance discussion between composers, visual artists and audience.

Eve Beglarian, Steve Cohen (world premiere), Shirish Korde, Felipe Lara, Tania León, Yosvany Terry

Eve Beglarian (vocals, laptop electronics), Claire Chase (amplified solo flute), Jonathan Hess (vibraphone), Riko Higuma (piano, toy piano), Alice Jones (flute), Sylvia Kahan (piano), Amit Kavthekar (tabla), Adam Kent (piano), Bohemian Trio: Yosvany Terry (saxophone & chékere), Yves Dharamraj (cello), Orlando Alonso (piano)

Eve Beglarian Steve Cohen Shirish Korde
Felipe Lara Tania León Yosvany Terry

Visual Artists:
Film and Media: Hugh Copeland, Shoshana Rabinowitz, Chris Sasaguay
Fine Art: Hyeyoon Kim (Jamie), Tushar Nath, Farangiz Yusupova
Photography: Ralph Bavaro, Lexie Coulum, Heather Cullum, Elean Eshleman, Kaley Fellows, Gabriela Hnizdo, Danielle Siminerio, Jeff Sutera
Illustration: Sammi Chan, Wendy Concepcion, Daniele Siele, Xiaoxia Ye, Zhao Yuchen
Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design: Katia Mchalopous

FIT Faculty Poets:
English & Communication Studies: Regan Good, Amy Lemmon, Catherine Pond
Modern Languages and Cultures: Madeline Millán, João Nemi Neto

FIT Student Poets:
Bianca Bello (Advertising & Marketing Communications)
Stella Boniello (Photography)
Marissa Pezzullo (Home Products Development)
Kimia Zakerin (Fashion Design)
Qiaochu Ze (Fashion Design)

Special thanks to FIT faculty members Ron Amato, Brian Emery, Jean Feinberg, Amy Lemmon, Madeline Millán, Dan Shefelman, Allison Wade, and CJ Yeh.

Funded in part by a SUNY Explorations in Diversity and Academic Excellence Grant awarded to Susan Breton.

Fashionable Muses performance

Above: Yosvany Terry, composer-saxophonist; Adonis Gonzalez, piano; Yves Dharamraj, cello; Hyeyoon Kim, Kailey Fellows, Hugh Copeland, visual artists. Photo credit: Lorenzo Ciniglio

Below: Claire Chase, flute; Feiipe Lara's music; Farangiz Yusupo, Lexie Coulum, Gabriela Hnizdo, Daniele Siele, visual artists. Photo credit: Lorenzo Ciniglio

Fashionable Muses performance photo