Nouveau: New Music for Violin

Friday, February 5, 2021, at 9:30 pm

This is an archived event, not part of the current festival.

Watch the stream HERE

Recorded at Westminster College Vieve Gore Concert Hall, University of Utah Dumke Recital Hall, and Maya's living room, respectively.


Nouveau: New Music for Violin photo
Maya Miro Johson

"Nouveau: new music for violin" (2/5/21 at 7:30pm MST/9:30pm EST) is an at-home, DIY, highly imperfect production by composer, conductor, violinist, Curtis student, and interdisciplinary performer Maya Miro Johnson, dedicated to the belief that promoting contemporary work as a household value is the salvation of arts organizations everywhere in this time of crisis.

Nouveau is a full-length evening of music spanning from 1932 to 2020, including interviews with the composers and also featuring pianist Daniel Tselyakov. Thanks to Devin Maxwell and Nicole Coleman for their assistance with recording.

The concert is absolutely free, but if the spirit moves you, donations are encouraged and all proceeds will be donated to New Music USA:

Stay tuned for more new music made and curated by Maya in early 2021!



MISSY MAZZOLI - Vespers (2014)
DEVIN MAXWELL - PH12 (world premiere, 2020)
SARRAH BUSHARA - J'accuse…! (2018, rev. for four treble-clef instruments 2020)
~ [PRONOUNCED TWO]~ - Catechism (2020)
MAYA MIRO JOHNSON - The Negation of Art (world premiere, 2020)
     Daniel Tselyakov, piano
OLIVIER MESSIAEN - Theme and Variations (1932)
     Daniel Tselyakov, piano
TANIA LÉON - Axon (2002)
MATTHIAS PINTSCHER - Study III for Treatise on the Veil (2007)

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