Sana Nagano's Smashing Humans

Thursday, February 9, at 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm

The Jazz Gallery

1158 Broadway, 5th floor
(entrance on 27th st)
New York NY 10001


Brooklyn-based composer Sana Nagano has a highly distinctive approach to violin playing, grounding chaotic improvisations with restrained precision. Formally trained in both jazz and classical traditions, she rips up the rulebook with projects such as the avant-bluegrass trio Astroturf Noise and 2021's Smashing Humans, which bears the name of her explosive prog-jazz quintet. Smashing Humans is a quintet full of gorgeous chaos and explosive energy, with Nagano controlling the flow. It's music of great power, but also balance. Nagano often finds herself at the center of the storm. As other instruments crash and careen around her, her assuredly melodic violin works to ground and stabilize the overall sound. "The electrifying, Smashing Humans, expresses this singular vision to its fullest, creating a wholly absorbing work of rare beauty." -HRAYR ATTARIAN, All About Jazz "There's a disquieting, fanciful narrative at the heart of Sana Nagano's Smashing Humans." -Dave Cantor, Downbeat

Sana Nagano -composition/violin/fx
Peter Apfelbaum -saxophone
Jonathan Goldberger -guitar
Ken Filiano -bass
Danny Sher -drums

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