Internet Intermezzi II

Friday, February 10, at 7:00 pm

David Greer Concert Hall
Bloomingdale School of Music

323 W 108th Street
New York, NY 10025



The events of the past two years have accelerated the development of remote collaboration technology. Zach Lapidus and Eli Asher will be joined by contemporary classical music specialist and improvisor Carrie Frey in a live concert bringing these innovations into the concert hall in an engaging set of interactive performances. 




Eli Asher - trumpet, computer programming, and physical data controllers

Zach Lapidus - piano, computer programming, modular synthesizer, and physical data controllers

Carrie Frey - viola, physical data controllers



Computer-generated music notation will be generated live (with and without audience input), displayed on the projection screen, and interpreted by the performers.

Grand and Humble Gestures 

This set will use graphic notation and shapes instead of conventional notation, and visuals and audio will be generated in real-time interaction with the players. They'll all be outfitted with controllers that pick up their movements and translate them into sound and visuals.

Sonic Gardeners 

Multiple speakers (and possibly computers) will be placed around the concert hall, transforming it into an immersive sonic environment. The trio will roam the hall, interacting with the electronic sound, which will in turn respond to the improvisers.

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