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Oct 20, 2020 |

Dear friends,

University Settlement is open.

In fact, we've been open! And now, many of our programs and sites have reopened to provide in-person services, while we continue to provide virtual or hybrid services where that's best.

We're pleased to share our detailed operations plan for the fall, including the steps we're taking as an organization to ensure the safety of our community, plus ways you can get in touch with our programs.

Our incredible facilities team is implementing a rigorous cleaning regimen across all of our sites, and at many buildings, we've adjusted traffic patterns to ensure visitors are able to properly socially distance. Masks are required everywhere. As always, the health and safety of our community remains our top priority.

Early Childhood Centers

We are now offering a hybrid model alternating in-person and virtual education and support. This allows parents to choose the best option for their children and families. The Early Childhood Center at 184 Eldridge Street, Creative Steps, Children's Corner, and Park Slope North will implement this blended model through the fall.

Early Head Start

Families receiving Early Head Start at early childhood centers are on the same hybrid schedule. Home-based programs will remain remote through the fall.


This program provides mental health care to children under 5. The integrated center-based sites will follow the centers' hybrid schedules, and the community-based clinicians will continue to support children and families remotely through the fall.

Family Child Care

Providers of in-home childcare have been doing so without interruption since earlier this year, and we are continuing to expand our network into Brooklyn.

Healthy Families

Our program providing support to expectant and new mothers continues to engage with families virtually.

To learn more about our Early Childhood programs or to be connected to services, email Shalonda Vasquez, Senior Program Director.

All of our mental health and wellness programs are offering virtual services remotely, except in the cases of emergency services or required home visits. This includes:

The Consultation Center at 184 Eldridge, where we offer a variety of mental health treatment approaches for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

Case Management for adults and children, and Home-Based Crisis Intervention for children.

Families Thriving, which supports caregivers as they raise confident, healthy children and build strong family relationships.

And our new Preventive Services program, which seeks to engage families and avoid situations in which children would be placed in foster care. 

To learn more about our Mental Health programs or to be connected to services, email Sheryl Alman-Charles.

Learning Labs

Students enrolled at schools operated by the Department of Education who cannot participate in their Remote Learning days from home can now access socially distanced care and youth development at four of our sites: Campos Plaza Community Center, Houston Street Center, Ingersoll Community Center, and PS 134. 

After School

We're remaining conservative about our in-person programming for young people but are now offering after-school programs at the Beacon Program at East Side Community High School, Campos Plaza, Ingersoll Community Center, Middle School for Media, Law and Fine Arts, Fort Greene Prep, Houston Street Center, P.S. 130, 133, 219, MS 340, 175, 184 and 189 Eldridge Street, Star Academy at P.S. 63, and P.S. 134.

To learn more about our Youth & Community programs or to be connected to services, email Greg Robertson, Senior Director.

Home delivered meals

We've delivered thousands of meals a month since March, and we're still doing so.

Senior Centers at 189 Allen, Meltzer Towers, and Village View NORC

Services for seniors continue to be available by phone, and our virtual programming has gone live via Zoom and phone. We're planning for limited in-person programming to begin in November and December.

Adult Literacy

Classes are fully remote through December, and enrollment is still available.

Project Home

Eviction prevention services are available in person, by appointment, and with limited walk-in capacity, at Children's Corner in East New York and at 189 Allen on the Lower East Side.

The Performance Project and The Creative Center

Our community Arts programming will continue remotely until the end of the 2020 calendar year.

To learn more about our Adults programs, email Michele Rodriguez, Program Director. To learn more about Advocacy, email Veronica Wong, Director. To get in touch with our eviction prevention services, email Wanjiru Machua-Thairu, Senior Director. To learn more about Arts, email Robin GlazerProgram Director.


In this challenging year, your generous support has given us the space we've needed to make necessary adjustments and ensure that our programs remain connected with our neighbors.

In gratitude,

Melissa Aase, Executive Director, University Settlement


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